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welcome to my personal page. you can expect to be able to go full bimbo mode here. no news, no stress, and no profit

make yourself at home - the internet is our home!

i'm not someone who uses social media or anything and i've withdrawn totally from the news for my mental health. sooo just here trying to find a way out of my depression haha.

made with middlepot's and sadgrls' templates respectively to learn about css and html and eventually figure out my own stuff.


Is my website inaccessible to you, and/or do you know how I might improve that? Super cool! I'm currently learning how to make just a basic website and I'm looking for any and all advice and feedback about accessibility in particular.

Please email me at almostelectric@outlook.com and I'll try to get to that as soon as I can.


this site is under active construction!

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Hi there!

Do you have a suggestion for a feature? Some criticism about the tool or something that confused you? Let me know! sadgrl[at]riseup.net

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